When selling a St. Petersburg, FL home for cash, it is quite natural to have questions. That being the case, we have put together a St. Petersburg home sellers FAQ with some of the most asked questions we have received from our clients. If your question is not featured below, please feel free to contact us at 727-258-5098 or use our contact form and a representative will reach out to you ASAP to address your concerns.

A traditional real estate deal can be both long and cumbersome, something that does not happen when you sell your house for cash to us. Once you contact us, we will assess your home to ensure that it meets our eligibility criteria. Once your home is approved, our team takes care of all the legalities and presents you with an offer. No real estate agents, no MLS, and no commissions, just cash for your home (which you receive on the day of closing).

We equate the word good with fairness. When buying a distressed home “as is,” to be honest, you will not get what is considered “fair market value.” That, however, does not mean you will not receive a fair price. Many of the homes we purchase need a LOT of work in order to resell the home. Now, if you were going to go the traditional route, these repairs would be on you prior to closing the sale. We take these costs into account when we create an offer.

Additionally, you have to consider agent costs by going the traditional route. In the case of a seller, you will generally pay anywhere from three to six percent in agent commissions. There are no third parties involved in our sales, so these costs must also be factored into the equation of our offer price. In the end, this is a win-win scenario for all involved. You get to sell your home quickly, without having to deal with realtors and potential buyer’s mortgage company, and you receive cash on the spot, without having to make any repairs or having to deal with real estate agents.

The method we use is very similar to what any realtor would use to determine the sale price of the home. We look at the value of the home based on its location, condition, property age, size of the property, and recent prices of comparable homes.

The real estate market in St. Petersburg being what it is, home values have not yet recovered from the recent beating the market took, so homes are not selling at peak value, something you will need to consider when you sell your home for cash.

We encourage you to reach out to other sources to get more than one quote. You can even reach out to realtors if you like to see what they think you can get for your home. Once you hear our offer compared to theirs and adjust for commissions and possible repairs, we think you will realize that our offer will be more than fair.

The simple answer to this question is, “No.” Once you have our offer, that is the amount of cash you will receive for selling your St. Petersburg, FL home. You will not have to pay any commissions, closing costs, or home repair bills… we take care of it all. The offer you receive from us is the exact amount you will find deposited into your bank account on the day we make settlement.

When you hire a realtor to sell a house in St. Petersburg, you are more or less giving away as much as six percent of your home, not to mention all of the other associated costs with the sale, such as closing costs, advertising, and repairs, just to name a few. For instance, for a home that sells for $300,000, you are going to pay at least $9,000 and as much as $18,000 in commission alone. When you factor in the other costs, you could be lucky to walk away with 80 percent of the selling price.

When you sell your home for cash to Investwell Properties, there is no middle man, which means no commission. We buy homes “as is,” so there are no costs for repairs. Since we are buying your home directly, there is no advertising and no open houses, just a quick sale to get you the cash you need as soon as possible.

This is yet another difference in using our services versus a realtor. Realtors will require you to sign an exclusive agreement, meaning only he or she can represent you. Once you contact Investwell Properties, you are under no obligation to accept our offer, period. We provide you with a fair offer for your home, then you choose to accept it or not. Remember, though, our offer is based on an “as is” sale, so you will not have to make the home repairs you would need to make were you to sell through a traditional agent.

If you are interested in selling a home for cash in St. Petersburg, please download our free home seller guide that fully explains the pros and cons of using a realtor and a cash buyer like Investwell Properties. To download our free guide, click here. Or, if you are ready to discuss selling your house for cash with one of our agents, please call us at 727-258-5098.