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When you sell your home to Investwell Properties, there are numerous “amazing” benefits that you will enjoy!

sell your home in st. petersburg

Close the Deal at When It’s Convenient for You

Selling a home in a traditional manner gives you a not so great benefits and at the mercy of your buyer and the mortgage company. That will NOT happen when you sell your home to Investwell Properties. Our money is in hand, so all you need to do is accept our offer and set a closing date that is convenient for you.

SAVE MONEY! No Need to Advertise or Make Repairs for Potential Buyers

Going the traditional route, you are not only paying a realtor a commission but you will also have to pay for photographs and advertising. If the realtor is running open houses, he or she will often charge the home seller for any supplies and/or refreshments served. When you sell your house in St. Petersburg to Investwell Properties, there is no need for open houses, no need to advertise, and best of all, we buy the home as-is, so you never have to worry about making last-minute repairs that could end the deal at the last second.

Amazing benefits of selling your home

You Will Get the Highest Price Possible for Your Home

Distressed home sellers will often have offers stacked up, but many of these offers are just trying to take advantage of your situation. Investwell Properties prides itself not only on offering a fair price but also the highest price possible based on our buying parameters. When a home is distressed, it generally will sell for far below market value, but that does not mean you still don’t deserve a fair price. We promise, when you factor in the costs of getting your home ready for a traditional sale, our offer will be the most competitive offer you will receive.

You Are in Safe and Trustworthy Hands

Selling a home is already a big financial decision, but it becomes even more daunting when you are selling a distressed home in St. Petersburg for cash. Because Investwell Properties is a family-owned business, we understand and appreciate what you are going through and promise to offer you a fair deal. Our home buying process is simple and transparent, so you won’t get surprised by any small print. Every sale follows all the proper rules and regulations and our team will handle all the legal formalities for you. When you sell to Investwell Properties, you are guaranteed to have a seamless transaction as well as having cash in hand at the conclusion of the sale.